The Business of Tourism

While tourism has taken a hit with government lockdowns over the past couple of years, this has presented other opportunities for the local Indigenous tourism industry

Tourism is one of Australia’s largest industries. Before COVID, it injected $152 billion into the economy annually and accounted for 1 in 13 jobs. Post COVID it’s a different story, where travel bans and repeated lockdowns of the local population have taken a toll.

But with big challenges come big opportunities, namely the incentive for Australians to explore the incredible destinations and cultural experiences they have right here on their doorstep.

In this episode, The Business of Tourism, we’re exploring Indigenous tourism experiences and their capacity to transform the domestic tourism market. 

For an insight into the crucial role Indigenous experiences play in shaping the future of Australian tourism, host Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean and Director at AGSM speaks with Phil Lockyer, Head of Indigenous Affairs at Tourism Australia. 

We also hear about how a new Indigenous-led tourism initiative on Sydney Harbour is taking shape from Transport NSW’s Mark Champley and Shane Phillips, CEO of Indigenous-led community organisation, Tribal Warrior, as recorded at the 2021 AGSM New Tracks Indigenous Leaders festival.

For a full transcript please visit AGSM's The Business of Tourism podcast or read BusinessThink's Indigenous tourism presents new opportunities for Australia's travel industry for more information.


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