The Business of Food

Have you ever questioned how the food in your local supermarket got there? Consumers are increasingly thinking about the origins of their food, and it's shaping their choices around who they shop with

However, shopping with a conscience comes with a cost, which can lead to a difficult trade-off for customers who want to shop sustainably.

In this episode, we’re exploring The Business of Food, and how the food industry is responding to the sustainable food movement. We’ll unpack the challenges and opportunities facing both retailers and consumers, and ask how technology will improve the way we shop. 

For a first-hand perspective of today’s business landscape, Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean and Director at AGSM is joined in conversation by Tristan Harris, Co-CEO of Harris Farm Markets. We’ll learn how Harris Farm is tackling important issues like food wastage with their ‘Imperfect picks’ Fruit & Veg boxes, and how the supermarket led the move away from single-use plastic bags in Australia.

We also hear from Nitika Garg, Associate Professor of Marketing at UNSW Business School, an expert on consumer behaviour trends and the emotions that drive them. Nitika speaks about the tension that exists between consumer emotion and purchasing behaviour. 

For a full transcript please visit AGSM's The Business of Food podcast or read BusinessThink's Food for thought: how regenerative agriculture is changing Australia’s food industry for more information.


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