The Business of Mental Health

Evidence of the physical toll of COVID-19 is everywhere. Illness, isolation and loss of income are just some of the examples of how we have been impacted by COVID-19

Crisis support service, Lifeline Australia reported a 40 per cent increase in service delivery, as Australians adjusted to new challenges at the height of the pandemic.

In this episode, The Business of Mental Health, we will be discussing how mental health support organisations are leveraging emerging technologies to provide better access and get bigger reach. We’ll also be looking at the impact of poor mental health in the world of work. And how can workplaces act now to help employees maintain their work-life balance.

Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean and Director at AGSM speaks with Thilini Perera, CEO of Lifeline International, about how the organisation has navigated the pandemic and what the future holds for support helplines.

Next, Professor Frederik Anseel, Senior Deputy Dean (Research & Enterprise) at UNSW Business School and President of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology joins us. He shares findings from his research into the impact of COVID-19 on workplace mental health, as well as sharing how to create a more mentally healthy work environment.

For a full transcript please visit AGSM's The Business of Mental Health podcast or read BusinessThink's Lifeline CEO on how tech can help support employee mental health for more information.


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