The Business of Finance

In the finance industry, rapid advances in technology and a shift towards more responsible business practices are driving waves of change

Digital technologies, such as blockchain, are creating new business opportunities and strengthening governance and accountability within the sector. Meanwhile, businesses are putting capital to work with purpose.

In this episode, The Business of Finance, we explore the changing landscape and look at how shifts in consumer behaviour are driving demand for ethical investment. 

Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean and Director at AGSM is joined by Camilla Love, Managing Director at eInvest. Camilla shares her insights on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and the opportunities in sustainable investment. 

We also hear from Elvira Sojli, Associate Professor of Finance at the School of Banking and Finance at UNSW Business School. Elvira untangles the buzz around decentralised finance, and looks into the business application for Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

For a full transcript please visit AGSM's The Business of Finance podcast or read BusinessThink's Three useful things to know about the future of the finance industry for more information.


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