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Vital Signs: What have we learned from the GFC?

By Richard Holden  September 21, 2018

Advanced economies are only now beginning to recover fully.

It’s hard to make money in aged care, and that’s part of the problem

By Rafal Chomik  September 18, 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, responding to concerns about the sector

Vital Signs: When cutting interest rates may not help

By Richard Holden  September 14, 2018

Maybe we would have had a severe recession had if not for post-GFC interest rate cuts, but maybe cuts don’t do what they once did.

If the NBN and Snowy Hydro 2.0 were value for money, would we know?

By Richard Holden & Rosalind Dixon  September 12, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull's projects will cost more than $75bn. Assessing their benefits is complicated.

Vital Signs: Past performance is no guarantee of future results

By Richard Holden  September 07, 2018

Can we really return to the trend growth rates of the 1990s while the countries we compare ourselves with struggle?

Problems with imposing a social license to operate

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  September 07, 2018

Firms must brace for the risk of an unknown regulatory intervention for a purported violation of an unclear rule

Retiring at 70 was an idea well ahead of its time

By Rafal Chomik  September 06, 2018

The short-term political cost of an unpopular policy outweighed the hypothetical, distant benefits

Market thought ScoMo better than the alternative

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  September 04, 2018

Australia has a new prime minister. Much ink has been spilled on the desirability, or otherwise, of this leadership change. But, how did the market respond?

Vital Signs: Online retailing is changing our lives, whether we use it or not

By Richard Holden  August 31, 2018

The mere possibility of increased online competition is restraining prices offline.

Australia could house 900,000 more migrants if we no longer let in tourists

By Raja Junankar  August 16, 2018

​Many who fear Australia’s population boom believe we should be cutting down on immigration.