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Vital Signs: Why governments get addicted to smoking and other vices

By Richard Holden  April 15, 2019

But what happens when a government becomes reliant on a Pigouvian tax because it gets so much revenue from it?

Selling university admissions is hardly charitable

By Fiona Martin  April 05, 2019

For every place given away, a student who gained the place on merit is rejected.

2019 Budget: Should zero net debt be our aim?

By Richard Holden  April 04, 2019

Debt reduction coming from the Future Fund has nothing to do with fiscal rectitude.

Shadow equity: A fresh idea to escape the low wage trap

By Rosalind Dixon & Richard Holden  March 19, 2019

New developments in blockchain technology offer a way to link the efforts of employees to an equity-like security.

Vital Signs: The backdown on mortgage broking commissions

By Richard Holden  March 15, 2019

The Coalition appears to have put off designing a proper commission structure for the next three years in order to buy some peace.

Vital Signs: Ultra-low economic growth should not surprise

By Richard Holden  March 08, 2019

Our high population growth, fed by a high immigration rate, has masked a much less rosy picture of how we are doing.

Vital Signs. Do deficits matter any more?

By Richard Holden  March 04, 2019

The returns need to be carefully assessed and compared with the actual government cost of borrowing.

Vital Signs: Why more expensive milk won’t help farmers much

By Richard Holden  February 25, 2019

For a typical family of four with average milk consumption, the extra 10c a litre works out at about $40 a year.

Why mortgage broker commissions aren’t the problem

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  February 21, 2019

Brokers are keen to get referrals and repeat business, which relies on brokers providing good service in the first place.

Enabling customers to switch easily would discipline banks

By Richard Holden  February 18, 2019

The Hayne royal commission failed to make the one recommendation that would really discipline bad behaviour.