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Budget 2017: Bank populism will be paid for by Australians

By Richard Holden  May 12, 2017

Treasurer Scott Morrison used to like to say Australia “doesn’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem”. It turns out this sentiment was true in 2016.

TPG bid for Fairfax: What usually happens when private equity meets media?

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  May 09, 2017

The prospect of bolting on ad tech companies to the newspaper business, with its rich database of subscribers, could provide Fairfax with an additional source of revenue

Vital signs: Why the government still thinks it can ‘grow away’ the deficit

By Richard Holden  May 05, 2017

The Treasurer, Scott Morrison, got a little unexpected positive pre-Budget news with upbeat reporting of Tuesday’s Reserve Bank of Australia decision to do … nothing.

More older people in the workforce would boost GDP

By John Piggott  May 01, 2017

There's a budget imperative most observers have taken their eye off: the fiscal fallout from an ageing population.

Vital Signs: What will end up in Scott Morrison’s ‘good’ books?

By Richard Holden  April 28, 2017

A lot of economics is counterintuitive. In that spirit, the first headline this week was that the prices of things we buy in Australia are going up at a faster rate, and that this is good news. Huh?

Imposing GST on low-value imports doesn’t level the playing field

By Kathrin Bain  April 24, 2017

The government wants to extend GST to imported online goods valued under $1000, effective from July 1, 2017, with Treasurer Scott Morrison stating it will “establish a level playing field for our domestic retailers”.

Vital Signs: Where are all the jobs?

By Richard Holden  April 21, 2017

Two important observers of the Australian economy – one foreign, one domestic – revealed rather upbeat assessments about economic growth this week.

Trusts – the hidden tax lurk that really needs fixing

By Dale Boccabella  April 18, 2017

Discretionary trusts are overwhelmingly used to minimise tax, defeat and frustrate future creditors and deprive separating spouses of a fair share of joint property.

Vital Signs: Regulators fiddle while house prices sizzle

By Richard Holden  April 11, 2017

It is ironic that at a time when so many young Australians are finding it so hard to break into the property market, commentators are finding it so hard to break out of discussing it.