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Vital Signs: Business confidence spikes but uncertainty reigns

By By Richard Holden  February 17, 2017

Why is business confidence reasonably high yet investment levels remain stubbornly low?

Vital Signs: The case of the missing investment

By Richard Holden  February 10, 2017

The biggest news of a slow-news week was the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) doing exactly what everyone thought it would do – leaving the cash rate at 1.50%.

What’s behind the rise in shareholder class actions

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  February 09, 2017

There have been several high-profile class actions launched by unhappy shareholders against the companies they invest in, otherwise known as securities class actions, lately in Australia.

High company taxes mean slow death for the economy

By Richard Holden  February 08, 2017

Amid all the commotion of the Trump presidency you may have missed the fact that we are having an important debate about company tax policy in Australia.

Vital Signs: Time to shift the goalposts on investor lending again?

By Richard Holden  February 07, 2017

The influential NAB Monthly Business Survey had a smiley face (literally) on it for the first time since mid last year, with the index up 5 points to +11.

If scandals don’t make us switch banks, financial technology may

By Rob Nicholls  February 07, 2017

An efficient market relies on rational customers being willing to change suppliers when there’s good reason to do so.

Why investors should steer clear of Snapchat’s dual-class shares

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  January 27, 2017

Snapchat’s parent company (Snap) is preparing for an initial public offering, but it seems that ordinary shareholders will not have voting rights.

Vital Signs: Brace yourselves for the new economic reality

By Richard Holden  January 20, 2017

As many Australians return from summer holidays and come back to reality, a number of economic statistics remind us of the somewhat challenging nature of that reality.

Printing more money isn’t the answer to all economic ills

By Richard Holden  January 19, 2017

Economists did not predict the financial crisis of 2007, nor did we predict the advent of secular stagnation that has followed.

Superannuation in Australia in vital need of radical change

By Richard Holden  January 05, 2017

Polls show the Coalition taking a hit among older Australians for its changes to pensions and superannuation.