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Australia could house 900,000 more migrants if we no longer let in tourists

By Raja Junankar  August 16, 2018

​Many who fear Australia’s population boom believe we should be cutting down on immigration.

Money-making and a social licence to operate

By Richard Holden  August 13, 2018

Can individual shareholders really offset their share of the environmental damage from massive mining projects, or questionable labour practices in other countries?

Paying $150 million a year to protect growers? That’s bananas!

By Gigi Foster  August 10, 2018

Does the risk of not being able to grow our own bananas pose enough real danger to Australia that we should spend $150 million every year to fend it off?

Murray exposes decay of corporate board box-tickers

By Peter Swan  August 03, 2018

​David Murray has had a distinguished record as CEO of the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) from 1992 to 2005. He headed the recent inquiry into the Australian financial system.

Vital Signs: Booming jobs numbers, but it’s not all rosy

By Richard Holden  July 20, 2018

The latest labour market data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics provides an instructive lens into the problems facing the federal government, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and the economy itself.

Lessons from ancient Greece as banking royal commission changes direction

By Clinton Free & Dimity Kingsford Smith  July 20, 2018

In ancient Greece, pharmakoi were individuals offered as sacrifices when a calamity threatened the community.

The government’s bank reforms wouldn’t have saved us a royal commission

By Clinton Free & Hannah Harris  June 28, 2018

In a bid to fend off the financial services royal commission, the government introduced the Banking Executives Accountability and Related Measures Act (BEAR) last October.

Franchising isn’t everyone’s pie or muffin, but it could be

By Jenny Buchan  June 20, 2018

​Franchising can be a great way to grow a business but the scrutiny it receives is well founded.

Vital Signs: Poor wages growth means interest rates could be low for a long time

By Richard Holden  June 19, 2018

​Last week Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe gave one of the more revealing speeches one is likely to hear from a central banker.

QuItaly is now a real possibility

By Gabriele Gratton & Richard Holden  May 21, 2018

For the European project to survive, the EU must answer the questions posed by Italian voters soon