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What do Jeff Bezos and Oprah make a habit of?

By Jane Qiu  February 20, 2018

When an idea or tool has the support of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, influencers and businesses, it’s hard not to imagine what it could do for you

Vital Signs: Sharemarket gyrations and interest rate doubts

By Richard Holden  February 09, 2018

The biggest news of the week was the gyrations in the US stockmarket. And the proximate cause seemed to be what one might think of as good news – average hourly earnings for workers in the US rose 2.9% for the year to January.

Vital Signs: Weak inflation means interest rates aren’t rising anytime soon

By Richard Holden  February 02, 2018

It’s not often there are news stories anticipating Australian Bureau of Statistics data a week before it comes out. But Wednesday’s consumer price index (CPI) was an exception.

Cutting Australia's corporate tax will cut inequality

By Richard Holden  January 31, 2018

One of the big political fights in 2018 is going to be over company tax reform: who actually pays the tax and who benefits from its reduction.

Vital Signs: What the Davos meeting is good for

By Richard Holden  January 29, 2018

The World Economic Forum's annual meeting in the Swiss resort town of Davos has become a bit like the Academy Awards. There are lots of celebrities and lots of publicity, but there are legitimate questions about the substance of the whole enterprise.

Big Australian businesses are investing regardless of tax cuts

By Jeff Coulton  January 25, 2018

Research shows that tax cuts lead to increases in corporate investment. But analysis of Australian companies' financial statements shows this increased investment could be rather small.

How to fix the nation’s collaboration problem

By Jeffrey Tobias  January 22, 2018

The OECD ranked Australia last when it comes to collaboration between businesses, universities and publicly funded research organisations. Indeed, only 5% of all Australian businesses have any engagement with our universities.

Vital Signs: Jobs may be increasing but will we get a pay rise this year?

By Richard Holden  January 19, 2018

The Australian economy begins 2018 exactly where it ended 2017, with a mixture of positive and troubling signs

How to make Australia cashless by 2020

By Richard Holden  January 16, 2018

It could be done by December 31, 2020. Here's how.

Doomsaying in 2018: Bitcoin, the property market and Trump

By Richard Holden  January 12, 2018

If 2018 pans out like some of the early commentary suggests then we're in for a rough year.