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Vital Signs: if it looks like a bubble and sounds like a bubble...

By Richard Holden  March 24, 2017

I didn’t think it was possible for there to be more focus on the Australian housing market than in 2016, but the past couple of weeks have proved me wrong.

Blockchain could help advertisers lock up our attention

By Eric Lim & Chee-Wee Tan  March 20, 2017

While technology has been making more devices ‘smart’, and we carry phones with all sorts of sensors, these haven’t yet been systematically applied to advertising’s central problem – engagement.

Investors should be careful when companies don’t use standard metrics

By Jeff Coulton  March 13, 2017

Having standard accounting practices for when firms report their financial results is good for investors.

Why women make the best stock traders

By Peter Swan  March 08, 2017

Although male trading activity increasingly dominated female trading activity during the 17 years we studied, female trades were more successful.

Vital Signs: There’s never been a tougher time to be a central banker

By Richard Holden  February 24, 2017

The Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) main message was unmistakable – expect interest rate rises, and expect them sooner rather than later:

Explainer: Trickle-down economics

By Gigi Foster  February 21, 2017

To anyone who lived through the years of Ronald Reagan’s US presidency, the term “trickle-down economics” should already be familiar.

Vital Signs: Business confidence spikes but uncertainty reigns

By By Richard Holden  February 17, 2017

Why is business confidence reasonably high yet investment levels remain stubbornly low?

Vital Signs: The case of the missing investment

By Richard Holden  February 10, 2017

The biggest news of a slow-news week was the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) doing exactly what everyone thought it would do – leaving the cash rate at 1.50%.

What’s behind the rise in shareholder class actions

By Mark Humphery-Jenner  February 09, 2017

There have been several high-profile class actions launched by unhappy shareholders against the companies they invest in, otherwise known as securities class actions, lately in Australia.

High company taxes mean slow death for the economy

By Richard Holden  February 08, 2017

Amid all the commotion of the Trump presidency you may have missed the fact that we are having an important debate about company tax policy in Australia.